Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Choices to help Save Planet's Biodiversity

We must stride to fill our yards with wildflowers that use no chemicals, watering or $$$ wasting maintenance over non-native grasses that must use chemicals, water and $$$ wasting maintenance.
Let get something straight immediately. Humans are a big part of the
Earth's biodiversity. At the same time, us humans are the biggest cause for the historical and exponential decline in the planet's biodiversity we are now experiencing.

Here are five steps one can use in their own yard to help slow down this catastrophic decline in the Earth's biodiversity. These steps have been provided by the executive director of Florida's Marine Resources Council, Dr. Leesa Souto.

  1. Add biodiversity to your yard — a place for butterflies, birds, and humans to thrive.
  2. Stop using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These components are not only killing the quality of our drinking water, but also the waters of our lagoons, rivers, springs, lakes, bays, etc.
  3. Plant native trees and wildflowers; and if you follow this step, it will make the first step easier.
  4. Remove non-native plants and turf grasses. Not only will this improve the natural health of our yards, but it reduces the costs associated with the maintenance of your property.
  5. Cultivate the dirt with worms and compost. How we treat our soil is fundamental to our success in improving our natural relationship with nature.
  6. Release ladybugs in your yard. Enjoy you're visitors!

Create an environment in your yard with a healthy balance of native trees, plants and wildflowers, soil, clean water, native birds, insects and animals. All of this will add to a biodiversified future.

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