Monday, June 24, 2013

Fodder Away (A combination of interesting, informative musings)

The inevitable finally happen. I gave my Moleskine journal a digital prompt. I tapped the page, twice! Immediately my eyes scanned the room to see if anyone was watching. Thankfully, not!

Muscle memory is one thing, but come on, what was I expecting? Maybe I'm less crazy than I think? Maybe I'm getting ready for the future? Imagine a journal or notepad where you can write or type. Heck, we know the application is out there—somewhere.

As much as I obsess at typing away on my iPad at times, I prefer jotting down notes and such things (fodder) in my pocket -size, handy black notebook. Noteworthy thoughts, some masterpieces, others duds, find their way into my daily scribble. Over time I've found that it's these types of ideas, the ones often collected in haste that gain traction, leading to better, lasting clarity. 

It is without regrets or doubts that we enter the incredible renaissance era we face. This will be a period of time that will be judged for being fascinatingly full of unimaginable opportunities for artist, storytellers and purveyors of knowledge. All of us are now confronted by an new age of digital publishing, an exciting and creative period of time that will help storytellers and artist read their works.

Yes, we're facing an 'aha' moment in the world of publishing and communications. It will surly change our worlds.

Until nextime . . . Fodder Away!