Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Over the Place


Nature is awesome. In 1997 Captain Al Anderson of Judith, Rhode Island tagged and released a 14-pound bluefin tuna. Sixteen years later the same tuna, landed by a Nova Scotia fisherman weighed in an extra 1,200-pounds.

During a recent International Gamefish Association Great Marlin Race, a monster black marlin, tagged and released in Australia, traveled 2,500 miles in 69 days before its satellite tag released.


History Either Gets Buried or Forgotten

An attorney for the MDM Group, a group of developers dishing out a billion bucks to build up on a downtown Miami archaeological site, says MDM will appeal a decision by a Historical Preservation Board to the Miami City Commission. The Preservation Board voted in-favor to better protect the site.

I say to those who wish to build on this ancient Tequesta village, read Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher -The Epic Life and Immoral;  photographs by Edward Curtis. Educate yourselves.

It is difficult for some of us to understand we do not own the land any more than we own the sun or the sky. In a similar content, the hell with those people trying to correct our past wrongs. Looking back, it is clear the USA government totally destroyed and took full advantage of the Native Americans. From investigating the history it is also clear the native folks were much better Earth stewards than we are today. Called them what you wish: Indians, Native Americans, or native folks, they deserve our respect. A personal favorite Native American place to visit is the Ais Indians Turtle Mound midden on the northeast side of the Mosquito Lagoon in the Canaveral Nation Seashores. 

Heroin Addiction

The media hype around the recent overdose deaths of celebrities has made me ask myself, what percent of people have a clue about dreads of heroin addiction?

It is past time for society to seriously consider legalizing the majority of illegal drugs, and quit spending billions on drug enforcement and containment of drug related criminals.  Let's focus more of our assets on the treatment of addicts, the early education and intervention within our communities. Neither the Just Say No or The War on Drug has been successful programs. Now is the time for a major change in the norm.  

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