Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's the Term?

It took only 17 years and a hundred days or so in the publishing industry to truly appreciate the value of thoroughly comprehending the language and terminology connected to what you spend your time doing.

Recently a friend, author Mark Dotson, was reviewing Road to Matapalo, a manuscript of mine. Forthright, he offered his opinion. "Seeing I'm not a surfer, I didn't understand the majority of the surfing lingo you used." It was Mark's way of saying, “You best check that out.”

As a publisher working with hundreds of writers, I've found understanding the lingo is absolutely essential to the success of ePublishing for all parties involved. A recent teleconference conversation between Little Pond Publishing team members and an author started with introductions and then turned toward an informal language and terminology review. This made our communication sharper, more focused and mutually beneficial.

Here are a few eBook and digital publishing terms for you.

ePublishing: short for electronic publishing

ePub or EPUB: short for electronic publication. These come in many formats, including eBooks, digital magazines, newsletters, etc.

Tablet reading device: the full name for a tablet. It's the same as any mobile, compact device (little computer), like the iPad/iPhone, Google Nexus, Kindle, etc.

Print on demand: this means books are not printed until ordered and can be printed one at a time.

MOBI: an eBook file format. Converting files is a major part of ePublishing.

Coming up to speed with the new world of eBooks and digital publishing lingo is going to be a critical part of success for today's writers and artists. Comprehending simple terms like hash tags, file formatting, fixed electronic layout and flowable electronic layout will help put you in the driver's seat. As an author or artist, don't find yourself incapacitated by a lack of ePublishing vocabulary. Success is only a few words away!

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