Sunday, October 27, 2013

Square One

Mark Sosin's interest in epublishing is growing!
After 20 years in the publishing industry it seems as though we are back to square one. Three years ago we knew very little about the emerging digital publishing world, but it is amazing what we have learned over a short period of time.

What we have discovered is we are all sharing similar paths when it comes to first understanding then embracing and utilizing the many valuable resources available to us as authors and artists in the digital publishing world. While we may all be following similar ePaths, most of us are at different eJunctures.

By attending both the Florida Outdoor Writers Association's and the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association's annual conferences recently, we've learned that everyone seems to be coming up to speed in regards to the ePublishing world. The process seems very similar to the transformation we experienced just a few years ago with the emergence of digital photography.

Through our conversations with many authors and artists, Little Pond Publishing has developed packages and services designed to assist the beginner, as well as the seasoned professional, from start to finish.

If you would like us to consult with you throughout the ePublishing process, we can; or if you just need some of the a la carte services we provide for authors and artists, we can do that, too.

While striving for excellence in customer service is our primary goal, our main focus is to build a long-lasting win/win relationship with you as we navigate the ePublishing process together.

Here at Little Pond Publishing we understand that by listening to your needs and desires we are able to design an ePublishing program that works best for your success.

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