Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Caught A Moment

The ocean reef at the beach in Satellite Beach, Florida
I finally caught a moment here on my iPad between preparing our fall garden and catching a few waves. These are the places, the ocean and land, where I get my inspiration. 

A hint of fall has arrived to parts of the Indian River Lagoon Coast. Yesterday at the Melbourne International Airport the high/low temperatures were 84/68 degrees, and we had no rain. In this part of the central IRL coast we're about six inches below normal.

A solid three- to four-foot northeast ground swell has provided good surf with long, glassy rides. Fast-moving tight schools of mullet and menhaden are attracting many of the best inshore species to our beaches. Snook, king mackerel, sharks, tarpon, barracuda and bluefish are catchable within a hundred yards of the shore.

It's impossible to fully predict the digital interactive wave before us. But after reading a Florida Catholic article on iPads in schools and then listening to an NPR report on the same subject, one thing is for sure; we may see its crest. The possibilities for today's authors are wide open in this new world of technology.

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